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Allswiss AG expanded its activities in other long-term growth investment fields. Aircraft can provide steady cash flow income through long-term lease agreements with airlines or airline operators. This infrastructural investment is driven by increasing global demand for airplane travel and the modernisation of fleets. 

Business Jet-Fleet 

While world air traffic is increasing in general, the demand for individual Air Travel becomes more accessible to private and business travelers. There has been a steady increase in demand for private business jets, fueled by corporate executives, high-net worth individuals, and celebrities and those, who value the convenience, privacy and benefits of timesaving.

Aircraft manufacturers are investing in developing more eco-friendly aircrafts and operations are exploring options such as carbon offset programs to mitigate their environmental impact.

The Market Situation is very favorable to establish a Securitization Structure for Business Jets/Fleets. Please register and require more information about our Aviation Value program. 

Business Jets in the CategoryVery/Ultra Large 

Investing into the commercial aircraft business requires a strong and experienced management. Considering the market volatility through economic cycles in other investments, a cash flow secured income, provided by an established carrier with a secured lease payment, can add a stable component to the portfolio. 

Business Aviation Sector is in need of alternative funding sources.

Bank lending regulations are slowing down growth possibilities in Business Avition while bond investors like pension funds, hedge funds and insurance companies are taking the investment opportunity. With our 12-step Securization to Purchase program, this sector is part of our real asset investment strategy.

Assessing all relevant factors by our experienced management, we are ensuring a strategic approach for a successful and customized transaction in the commercial aircraft business.


Martin Rühlemann
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

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