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Maritime Transport

Traditionally, debt financing with banks and equity financing were the most common methods in the maritime transport sector to raise money. However, these forms of traditional financing have been increasingly replaced by alternative funding sources such as convertible debt, private equity and sale-and-leaseback arrangements in the most cost-efficient goods transport sector.

Maritime Transport Sector

Since the pandemic began, developments in the maritime transport sector have reverberated across the global economic landscape. Looking ahead, regulatory requirements around carbon emissions will drive transformative change.

Significant technological advancements are enhancing efficiency, reducing operational costs and improving environmental sustainability, which is the base for an attractive investment.

We partner with vessel owners in merchant shipping, looking to expand their tonnage or seeking for new tonnage. Combining our deep background in structured financial products with well managed and operated vessels or fleets – creating value.

Cruise Maritime 

Cruise shipping is the fastest-growing segment in the leisure travel market with high capacity utilization rates.  

As an alternative to commercial bank debt, our pool of financial instruments comes into place after a deep analysis of the underlying cruise asset. 

Stable revenues and operational cost improvements are supporting the cruise industry’s revenue. We are focusing on vessels with incorporated fuel cells or batteries, LNG powered or methanol ready, to commit into technologies towards a future of low to zero carbon fuels. 

allswiss AG is providing the capital market solution, tailored to this segment, meeting the needs for longterm partnerships, to grow successfully with our counterparties to participate in the decarbonization process in the industry


Martin Rühlemann
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

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